Stingray Composites

3/28/18 First blog and future plans

cory bailey

So, you've made it this far on my site, hopefully you get some good info and learn something new and cool here. Really Ive only just gotten started on things, but have so many plans and ideas, I want to shake the world of carbon and bring Innovative products out to those of us that may not have the best support in the aftermarket, or its too expensive or poorly made. I strive to make it as affordable as possible. I wish I could sell my products cheaper but the most difficult part is resins and the carbon fabrics are extremely expensive. what sets me apart from most is that first I use high quality epoxy instead of cheaper polyester resins on my hoods and body panels, you get a much stronger/durable part that way. Second, you may notice a lot of carbon shops do whats called fiberglass reinforced carbon body panels. basically you get a fiberglass part with a few layers of carbon fiber. Yes its slightly cheaper and you really want it I have no problem making it, but if your getting a carbon fiber hood or door you may as well get all the benefits right? Third and most important, COLOR! black carbon looks sharp but not all of our cars are dark grey or black, I can get a lot of different patterns and colors of fabric that will set you apart from all the rest. So what do I have planned? Right now I have a few projects that are under wraps, but more hoods for corvettes, mopars and trucks, accent pieces and things you can get to personalize your vehicle. Eventually we will have a little bit of everything for everyone. If I don't have what you want or need I would love to build it for you.

I will go into detail in the next few blogs about fiberglass vs carbon fiber the difference in resins and molding systems for both and how the technology has progressed over the years. Honestly I would like my customers to be as informed on what they are getting so you can make the right choice for your vehicle. This site is really only a small part of what I can do, everything I build can be custom tailored to your budget, needs and looks. As I often say whether your looking to drop weight to go faster or gain an edge or your just looking to drop jaws at the car shows "lets sting your competition, not your budget!'