Stingray Composites

Who we are: 
Stingray Composites came about originally as a single idea. I wanted a carbon fiber hood for my truck, not just any carbon fiber hood but a RED Carbon/Kevlar hood the only problem is, nobody made carbon hoods for square body c10s, and nobody would without a MASSIVE order and deposit. This was 2011 fast forward to 2015 when I bought my 1969 stingray I still had the same dream but in orange. After some years of research and investment and some life altering events I quit my job as a mechanic and started Stingray Composites. I realized my dream in December 2017 when I pulled out of the mold the FIRST full carbon hood for c3 corvettes! Not long after we pulled off another first. A 67-68 carbon hood for a barracuda!
Here at Stingray Composites we look forward to not just many firsts but making sure it is affordable for any individual willing to put in just a little bit more work to get something truly unique. Right now we are small with just me and three kids running it all. be sure to keep up with us on Facebook you-tube and Instagram!
Sting your competition, Not your wallet.
-Stingray Composites